Author’s Visits

I was a teacher for many years, and have created a comprehensive Teacher Guide to accompany my novel, The Diary of Marie Landry, Acadian Exile. It can be found as a pdf on the Teacher Page of Pelican Publishing’s website.

I would be delighted to visit your school, library, or function! My presentations are geared towards middle-school students. For information on fees and availability, please contact me directly (on the contact form below), or contact Pelican’s School Sales Manager Grace Barnes at

Pelican Publishing Company offers a discount off the suggested retail prices of each book ordered for an author visit.


The Creative Writing Process:

Students will explore where writers get their ideas, how to turn an idea into a story, and how to use editing to improve the story’s draft. I use props, examples of writing, and encourage students to begin creating their own story.

Louisiana History – the Acadians:

Students will learn how and why the Acadians came to Louisiana, and about their unique culture and contributions to Louisiana. I use my novel, The Diary of Marie Landry, Acadian Exile as a backdrop for the Acadians’ exodus and subsequent arrival in Louisiana. I incorporate Cajun music, literature, and other Cajun contributions to Louisiana to exemplify the Acadians’ triumphs and evolution as a people.

Louisiana History – the French Creoles:

Students will learn the French Creole history of Louisiana, how and why they came to Louisiana, how they differ from the Cajuns, and their unique culture and contributions to Louisiana. I incorporate my personal research and give students the task of beginning their own genealogical connection to the founding peoples of Louisiana.

Book Signings

To schedule book signings and to order copies in advance of my visit, please contact me (below) or Pelican Publishing’s Promotion Manager Antoinette de Alteriiss at