The Diary of Marie Landry, Acadian Exile

The Diary of Marie Landry, Acadian Exile is my young readers historical fiction novel about the expulsion of the Acadian people in 1755 and their relocation to Louisiana in 1765.

Cheré Coen of the Monroe News-Star writes, “The novel, with illustrations by Joyce Haynes, is well-researched and offers a lively narrative. Written on a sixth-grade reading level, The Diary of Marie Landry will be the perfect complement for the Louisiana history curriculum taught in public schools.” Click here to read her entire review.

Order from Pelican Publishing, Amazon, or any bookseller. Available in paperback or on Kindle.

Available at Tubbs Cajun Gifts in Shreveport, Louisiana or online at their website.

Teacher Guide – complete with enrichment exercises and vocabulary – is available on Pelican Publishing’s website.        

Fourteen-year-old Marie Landry is an Acadian exile who has lived in Oxford, Maryland ever since the Great Upheaval – the British expulsion of the Acadians from their homeland in 1755.  Once the Acadians are offered their own land in Louisiana, an exodus begins in 1765; on the cusp of the Acadians’ departure from the American colonies, Marie begins her diary, a gift from her American friend.     

Marie describes the Acadians’ often difficult journey to Louisiana while simultaneously including the details of her friends’ and family’s removal from Acadia ten years earlier.  Through her journal, Marie recounts tales of hardship and friendship, anguish and hope.  Because of their perseverance, their faith, and their connection to each other, the Acadians prevail and triumph in their new home, Louisiana. 



8 thoughts on “The Diary of Marie Landry, Acadian Exile”

  1. Stacy,
    I just ordered your book! I can’t wait to read it and for my kids to read it. We love biographies and historical novels! I love finding out and knowing about our cultural whereabouts!
    God Bless.

  2. Stacy, though I studied les acadiens in elementary school in Northern Ontario, I didn’t learn of the sad tale of their expulsion until I moved to Nova Scotia as an adult. The Acadians were a people who paid a terrible price for simply wanting to be left alone to work the land they loved without pledging an allegiance to either the French or the British.

    Their perseverance, faith and their connection to one another are inspiring. I will look for your book here, though I am no longer a ‘young reader.’

    • Yes, they were (and still are as Louisiana’s “Cajuns”) inspirational. They are so resourceful.

      I hope you enjoy my book – other adults have told me that they liked it. If you can’t find it in your area, it’s available on Amazon. I’d love to visit Nova Scotia one day to do more research.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. ❤

  3. Stacy, this sounds like a wonderful book. Is it written for a certain age group of children? It might be a great book to put in our small school library.

  4. Christine Brys said:

    First of all, I would like to thank Stacy Allbritton for all her researches, and for being so accurate on “le grand derangement”. I am French, living in France and I must admit that not a lot of people here are familar with this terrible period. Stacy will make you feel happy or sad, she inspires the reader with her talent. This is just an excellent book.

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