There is a universe
Out there–
Not here
Where I am.
Colorado03I am not part
Of the universe.
I do not belong.

Then I awaken.
I find
My place.
The aspens,
The lodge pole pines,
The ponderosas,
They greet me.
“Come over here-
Where you belong.”
The snow
Their shoulders.
Their arms
Reach towards
The heavens.


Colorado01“Stay here
With us-
Where you belong.
I stand
My brethren.
I suffer
No more.
I look towards
The heavens
And ask why
I was not born
A tree.

Colorado04“Where are
You going?”
I cannot stay.
Not now.
Not yet.
I turn away
My kin,
The aspens,
The lodge pole pines,
The ponderosas.

Thank you
For offering
Colorado02I must go now.
I am human.

© 2009 Stacy Demoran Allbritton