October 2009

Here we – Stacy Lyn’s Traveling Socks – on her feet on Coconut Grove Beach, just outside of Elimina, Ghana. Stacy Lyn is sitting on the West African version of a pirogue. Fishermen still use this boat to cast their nets in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

So soothing to a beleaguered soul was this misty morning on Coconut Grove Beach.

A woman and her children make on their way to the market as though nothing is out of place in the universe.

Stacy Lyn wishes she could feel as at home in the world as they do. Watching the sunset on the beach makes her feel more and less at ease, though we don’t know how that can be.

Our next stop was St. George’s Castle in Elmina. This was the slave-trading post where captured Africans awaited transportation to the New World.

The door to the cell locked away Death Row prisoners until their execution.

The cell on the ground floor was where female captives were held. Many did not make it out of there alive. Such a sad tale that warrants being told.

We ended our trip to Ghana in the canopy of the Kokoum forest. Here Stacy Lyn conquers the fear and walks across this bridge in the canopy.

Stacy Lyn wonders if perhaps she would feel more at home in the canopy amongst all of those verdant trees.

Ghana – a place of untold phantasm! Now, on to the next destination…