Most people don’t know this – it’s a secret well-guarded from tourists – that Paris streets are paved not only in cobblestone, but in…dog mess. The city keeps the touristy streets clean with dog-mess-picker-uppers, but in the other arrondissements, it’s a crap shoot. Literally. In London, you mind the gap. In Paris, you mind the crap.

I know you don’t believe me. How could the City of Light be so foul, you wonder? Well, I chanced upon this sign and immediately took a picture of it. For proof. (Much nicer than taking photos of the other type of proof.) Here’s a concrete testament for all you naysayers, for all you Doubting Thomases:


Stop the dog mess! (Even “dog mess” sounds musical in French – déjections canines – or, canine manure.)
Is he ready?  You, too?  We are, too!
So that the use of public roads can be nice for everyone, have good reflexes!
Dog masters must immediately pick up their animal’s mess, even in the gutter. More than 2,500 garbage cans are at your disposal in the 17th district.
All regulation infractions are subject to a fine.

(There was a pile of it adjacent to the sign. *sigh*)