I went outside this evening to do an ordinary thing – take out the garbage. When I looked up into the sky, the moon was there in all her glory. She was shrouded by clouds which served to emphasize her ethereal glow.

Gazing at this otherworldly being, I am reminded of the song “Jealous of the Moon” by Nickel Creek. I don’t think I’m jealous of Luna’s radiant nimbus reaching down to touch our little world. Then again, maybe I am. She is way out there surrounded by all that space – all that beautiful empty space, that expansive blackness – counting among her friends all of those stars. She’s so lucky. Could you blame me if I were jealous of the moon?

“Staring down the stars

Jealous of the moon

You wish you could fly

Just being where you are

There’s nothing you can do

If you’re too scared to try”