Somehow I always wind up inside my own head when surrounded by surreal beauty. The sights that my eyes see take hold of the waves in my brain and suddenly, I am up there surfing inside my head once again.

I suppose some people would say that this tendency makes me unobservant. Others have accused me of being spacy. Either way, those descriptions are only approximations of Stacy Lyn anyway. And then…Stacy Lyn has Norm, and while we are on the subject of approximations, let’s approximate Norm as observant.

I noticed the beautiful coconut tree.

Norm noticed the boy in the tree.

The youth was harvesting coconuts and tossing them down to his friend on the ground.

I like to think that eventually I would have noticed this phenomenon. Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But I have always had an extra set of eyes – at least I have since the age of eighteen.

Partaking of the world with someone who loves me makes the experience twice as nice.