As you know, Gentle Readers, I have this obsession with  love of Starbucks, especially their mugs.

Around Easter time, I put out my spring mugs, remember?

Even though the calendar says it’s still spring, Memorial Day weekend is the officially unofficial start of summer. And you know what that means in my house – it’s time for the Changing of the Mugs.

Summer’s colors are red, white, (yes, I had to write “white” in white) and blue, of course.
So that means it’s time to put away the pink mugs of spring and display the mugs in the colors of our flag.

See that one over there on the right? 
That’s my favorite summer mug, a deep indigo color, perfect for a summertime cup of coffee.

Now that my mugs are out, time to get ready for tomorrow – the real Memorial Day. Hope you have a great one!