June 2012

After that harrowing experience at the Catacombs, Stacy Lyn decided to show us quarter and take us to a more uplifting place. Literally. We traveled west to Le Mont St.-Michel, off the coast of the Normandy and Brittany provinces.

We thought we had landed in the Middle Ages. The abbey and the church sit atop the tiny island mountain overlooking the sea. When we entered the gates of this little town, we could feel the past overtake us. Maybe Stacy Lyn has rubbed off onto us Socks because she has always said that she was a nun in a former life. She likes quiet contemplation, Gothic cathedrals, and Gregorian chants, and this was just the place for all of that.

After traveling to this quiet place, where time seems to have gotten lost, Stacy Lyn wondered how anyone can find peace amidst the noise and distraction of a city. Shhhhhhh. Can you hear the beauty of this place?