June 2012

We like to travel. After all, we are Stacy Lyn’s Traveling Socks.

But sometimes, we only get to look at the pictures of magnificent things,
like this medieval gate to the city of Cambrai.

Because when Stacy Lyn is taking the photos –
like this one of this quaint little side street lined with cafés….
….or this beautiful hotel on the town square….

….or when Stacy Lyn stops to admire the uniquely French architecture…

….well – how shall we say this without appearing undiplomatic?
(Is that a word? If not, it’s ok. We’re just a pair of wool socks.)

Anyway, when Stacy Lyn is looking at the beautiful reliefs on the belfry….or the pigeon perched up there in a hole in the city’s ancient tower….we’re relegated to the position of footwarmers down there in her shoes.

And when she wears espadrilles, the die is cast.
We won’t even get to come out of her purse to be put on her feet because we don’t look good in espadrilles.

We only get to look at the pictures.