February 2011

Aaaahhhhhh! Winter! (We mean a real winter, a Colorado winter, not that poor excuse for “cold” weather that Louisianans call “winter.” 
Seriously, seventy-five degrees is not turtleneck weather.)

So we, Stacy Lyn’s Traveling Socks, were delighted when she took us
on a jaunt to Breckenridge, Colorado.
Yes, it can still get to thirty-below in February in the Rocky Mountains.

“Thirty-below?” you screech in horror.
Well, we Traveling Socks are made of wool.
We prefer bone-chilling cold, because Stacy Lyn would never wear us otherwise.
Here we attempting to snowshoe up to the Hallelujah Hut. 
Stacy Lyn didn’t make it to the Hut, despite our prodding.
She was cold! Hmph – cold! What a lightweight!

We Socks have no complaints about snow and more snow.

Because of it, we were able to come outside of the shoes
to see the sights more often than we normally do.
We hardly get to see anything, for instance, when Stacy Lyn goes to the beach.

It was so nice to have been appreciated for our woolness on this trip to amazingly white Colorado!