As my Traveling Socks already told you (here), we recently visited the charming French city of Chartres. The main tourist draw to this little corner of francophonia is, of course, Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral.

Take a close look at the gable above the rose window. The poor paysans of the Middle Ages never experienced such a view of these statues – so sad! But wait – there’s more! The pinnacle above the statue of Mary holding Infant Jesus is really a statue of the Father. No space left unadorned!

Every piece of artwork (indeed, the architectural design itself) has a story to tell – a story to teach, in fact: the Old Testament, the New Testament, lives of the Saints, among other things.  All of it was there to teach the unlettered about the glory of God.

How fortunate we are to be the beneficiaries of such beauty!