September 2012

Did you know that we Traveling Socks can travel not only in space, but in time as well? Ah, but we can, and you can, too, if you take a chance on Troyes, France.

Stacy Lyn came along with us because she has a huge crush on Chrétien de Troyes. He was a writer, too, and he has knocked her Socks off with stories of knights, ladies, and intrigue.

We know – this is aberrant behavior, but we have gotten used to it.

Take a look at this sword of the Knights Templar. And what has gotten into this crazy gargoyle? Oh, sorry. That’s Stacy Lyn acting like a gargoyle.

Other main attractions included, naturally, the churches, like St. Peter and St. Paul Basilica….

….and St. Urbain Cathedral.

Perhaps the pigeons like St. Urbain as much as Stacy Lyn did. How many of these flying rats can you count?

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Church, though the least ornate of the three churches, was the most endearing. Marguerite immigrated to Canada and made the welfare of children her priority.

We watched the early autumn sun descend upon the quaint medieval city and wondered where the time went. Troyes is still there, waiting. For us? We do not know. But we know that time will always be on Troyes’ side.