Last week we danced together to a fortuitous and rare ice storm here on Dream Tree Bayou. Oh, but this week, we’re dancing to the typical temperate winter weather – perfect weather for raking up pine straw.

Raking Pine Straw (5)

Why would I want to attempt this chore on such a glorious day, you ask?  Ah! Gentle Readers, that’s because raking is a most a dignified task. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Raking means a day outside with the trees.

This city girl was born with a country soul, and though my penchant was always for the indoors, I recently discovered that this only applies when I’m in the big city, assaulted by bright lights and unpleasant sounds. Here in the country, I’ve turned sweet on the outdoors because I get to spend lots of time with the trees.

Raking Pine Straw (7)

My wooded friends invited me outside to rake up their straw. The way I figure it is, moving around this nature-provided mulch will save me money (I had to pay for this stuff when I was a city girl!), and will encourage the continued growth of the saplings  who have taken root this winter.

Look at this perky little fellow. Who couldn’t love a tree? I’ll hug him when he gets a little older.

Raking Pine Straw (9)

My designs on this piece of earth include many more trees than currently exist here. A wooded place is my idea of heaven.

Raking Pine Straw (8)

Alas, the sun began its quotidian descent. Why must he continue to do so? Can’t he stay up there just a little while longer – on occasion, at least – say, for raking day?

No, ’twas not to be. It was time to put the rake away, at least until another day.

Raking Pine Straw (4)

I’ll be back in this picturesque place again soon. If you decide to join me, bring your rake.