The weather was too perfect to sit inside all day watching football. I’d rather heed the blackbirds’ beckoning.

Blackbirds (3)

I know, this is blasphemy to the dyed-in-the-wool pigskin fans, but even they would understand the allure of outside when temperatures soared to the sixties and the sun beamed unabashedly from the heavens on Super Bowl Sunday.

Planting Time (2)

Norm gave me two potted trees to use as Christmas decorations before our stuff arrived from France. Now they looked rather forlorn, as though they, too, were enticed by the call of the outdoors. I put on a pot of chili to humor the family then I trekked to the bayou to give my trees their new home.

Planting Time

Ah! Much better! Now they can dig those roots deep into the soil and grow towards the sun. If I were a tree, that’s what I’d do.