One of the projects that I’ve had in the back of my mind ever since we moved to our cabin on the bayou was to change this sign at the entrance of our property.

Basswood Welcome Sign (2)

It’s so uninviting! Who would dare come visit me? I suppose that when our house was built there was still a lot of hunting on the grounds. Occasionally I hear duck hunters on the lake, but not on our property. Nevertheless, the sign had to go. (When I took it off, there was actually another sign underneath this one: POSTED KEEP OUT.)

I decided to make a sign to welcome guests to our home. Here are the supplies I used, all found at my local craft store (or borrowed from Jillian!):

  • 1 piece of basswood
  • acrylic paints
  • paper stencils
  • paint brushes and paint sponges
  • varnish
  • 2 wood screws

Basswood Welcome Sign (3)

I measured the letters to space them (relatively) evenly on the wood, then stenciled them with pencil. I free-handed a tree based on an illustration that I found on the internet.

Basswood Welcome Sign (4)
Next, to paint the letters, I replaced the stencil over the penciled marking and held the stencil in place while I dabbed the paint into the stencil with the sponge paintbrush.

Basswood Welcome Sign (5)

Then I painted the tree and added three coats of satin varnish on both sides of the board.

Basswood Welcome Sign (6)

I drilled two wood screws into the board and then screwed them onto the pole outside.

Basswood Welcome Sign

Now wouldn’t you feel welcome in my home if you saw this as you came up the drive?

Come on down – I’ll put on a pot of coffee and make us some petite madeleine cakes for dunking.