In response to Karma’s “Colors of Your World” photo challenge and Joanne’s  “Psychology of Colour” essay, I delved into my color with aplomb. Below is what I discovered.

Let me tell you that my favorite color is brown. Even my husband thinks this is weird. A few years ago, he gave me a cute plant pick. It’s purple. (I gave it to Jillian. She knows that my favorite color is brown.) I didn’t have the heart to tell Norm that I abhor purple. I should have done so because he has since given me other purple gifts…. until recently when he opined that it was strange, indeed, that I have a penchant for brown.

I add very little “color” to my world. In spring I use green accents around the house; navy for summer; orange in fall; écru in winter. That’s about it. Other than that, I choose brown. For everything.

Brown All Around (10)

I took Joanne’s challenge to dig into my favorite color to find out what all this brown-loving means. I really wasn’t surprised at all by what I discovered. Brown is I; I am brown.

Brown All Around (7)

Those of us with brown in our souls prefer convention, order, and stability. Brown gives us the feeling of anonymity because brown allows us to blend in and remain unnoticed. (This is the part of being a writer that makes me uncomfortable–having to be noticed!)

Brown All Around (8)

How does brown–the color of the earth–make one feel? Dependable brown creates an environment of wholesome warmth and feelings of nurturing and comfort. It provides one with a sense of connection, grounding, and belonging. It is also associated with elegance and the security of home.

Brown All Around (2)

All of these attributes of the color brown can be used to describe yours truly. Those of you who have followed me around for a while know how discomfited I felt when living hither and yon with no stable home. Yes, I have always chosen to surround myself with brown, given the opportunity.

Brown All Around (5)

There is nothing negative associated with the color brown, unless you consider laziness to be a negative attribute.

Brown All Around (4)

One last tidbit of useless information: brown is associated with fall and winter. No wonder I love fall and winter so much! (I knew there was a reason.)

Brown All Around

Only five more months until autumn and the moment when I can look out the window of my brown house to see my world surrounded by more brown!