I find myself missing my beautiful child even though she only lives an hour away. With her two jobs and her wallowing in the throes of research papers and final exam preparations, she doesn’t have the time to drop everything and drive to the bayou.

Autumn Foliage (7)

It’s a positively enchanting sight this time of year. Obsidian stillness permits a perfect reflection. Which beings are real and which are representations of reality? That’s a trick question. Neither are either.

Both the ups and the downs are mere symbols of the sentient beings who reside on this planet. Do I mean this literally or figuratively?

Autumn Foliage (2)

If you have to ask that question, my friends, you were not paying attention! (smile)

Autumn Blueberries

Real or imagined, tangible or amorphous, the best proof I can offer of this day lies only in these words and these images of the waning of summer.

Possum Haw

Autumn continues to hide from us way down here. Like me, she cannot escape the ticking clock forever, even if I wish it could be so.

Sometimes I feel a pause in the universe.

Autumn Foliage (13)

Just a pause.

Autumn Foliage (12)

See what I mean?

Then the lull dissipates, and I know it’s time to make some Halloween cookies for the child I miss. While baking I make plans to drive to see her on Halloween. I’ll bring her cookies and we’ll go to the haunted house to get the bejeezus scared out of ourselves.

Autumn Foliage

Halloween is her favorite holiday.

She will probably eat only one cookie, so there’s no harm in eating one my own self.

Halloween Cookies

Happy autumn, my friends.