Because all of my outdoor Christmas decorations had been in storage for years, they needed a little sprucing up (no pun intended). Instead of just chucking them in favor of new ones, I went to the local crafts store and purchased a 30-foot spool of plaid ribbon in Christmas colors. I prefer the ribbon  with wire edges because it holds its shape.

  • To make a ribbon, pull the length of the tail that you want. (I made this one about 8 inches).
  • Fold back and forth four times.
  • Set the ribbon aside while you cut about 3-4 inches and form it into a cylinder.

Holiday Ribbon (1)

  • Place the cylinder onto the center of the folded section of ribbon.
  • Fish a twist-tie (or zip-tie) through the cylinder.
  • Turn the ribbon over, and twist (or clamp) the tie until the center is securely fastened together.

Holiday Ribbon (2)

  • Fluff and voilà – a festive ribbon.

Holiday Ribbon (3)

I was able to make 7 ribbons with the 30-foot spool. Three for the back-door garland and wreath, three for the front-door garland and wreath, and one for the mail box.

A new look – all for just $4.97. I priced the pre-made ones in the store for $5.00 apiece.  As ole Ben said, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Festive times, friends!

Holiday Ribbon (4)