You think that all Stacy Lyn does is sit around and dream on her bayou, don’t you? “Trees this,” she says, and “writing that.” Or, “I knitted, I cooked, I pondered.”

“Blah blah blah,” we – Stacy Lyn’s Traveling Socks – respond to all her pondering! Stop contemplating and do something!

Well, we are happy to say that Stacy Lyn does leave the bayou on the occasion when the allure of friendship calls.

On a particular chilly weekend in January, it was friends David and Rhonda beckoning. They were gracious enough to host the old ball and chain and her magnificent husband Norm, not to mention treat them to an afternoon at beautiful Mt. Nebo near Russellville, Arkansas.

Mt. Nebo (1)

First stop was the welcome center where a fire was roaring in the wood stove. Stacy Lyn warmed her freakishly cold toes there. Though she does love a good fire, she’s not a pyromaniac. She just seems like it if you don’t know her well.

Mt. Nebo 2014 (6)

After we she warmed up a bit, we headed outside to the beautiful vistas of Sunrise Point.

Mt. Nebo 2014 (7)

There, Stacy Lyn trekked down a path so that we could pose for the camera. 

Mt. Nebo 2014 (2)

As always, Stacy Lyn gawked over the trees, like this little fellow who was growing out of the side of a rock, of all places.

Mt. Nebo  2014 (5)

From there, her eyes led her to a nature-made wall of those rocks. She fell in love with Nebo’s rocks. She’s so weird.

Mt. Nebo 2014 (3)

Next stop, we followed the setting orb over to Sunset Point, where Helios got caught so elegantly in this tree. Oops. Stacy Lyn’s tree fascination must be rubbing off on us Socks.

Mt. Nebo 2014 (9)

Then – more vistas to gaze upon in awe.

Mt. Nebo 2014 (14)

Shadows lengthened as sunlight dipped below the horizon, and it was time to say goodbye to Mt. Nebo.

Mt Nebo 2014 (1)

We are ever grateful that Stacy Lyn has friends like David and Rhonda to lure her away from her dream bayou. Is there ever a better reason to leave home than to reconnect with people you love?