When I look at the spring flora all over the place, I can’t help but to think of my only child. Every time I see something beautiful in the world, I am reminded of her. She is everything beautiful in the world. (She would roll her eyes and tell me I’m too sentimental, but I adore every atom of her.)

She is the universe to me, for without her, there is nothing. I wanted to commemorate her special occasion. I wanted to give her a gift that reflects who she is. I wanted to celebrate her life. I wanted. Is it so wrong to want?

Her Face in the Flowers

I couldn’t give her the moon. Or edelweiss, her favorite flower. So I gave her a small gift…..

Embroidered Jillian (3)

…..and decorated the house with garlands of daisies and old photos and damsels who stroll or ponder over a good book.Daisies for Jilli

People mean more than tokens of adoration, and some people’s love will endure eternity. She deserves eternal love. She does.

Loved-ones for Jilli (2)

Life is far from perfect, but I don’t ask for perfect. My love lives on, no matter what designs the universe has on my mind. Because love cannot be reduced to a series of thoughts, and the universe can’t interfere, even if it sheds tears in the dewdrops.

Dewdrops for Jilli

Imperfect days can’t imprison me because I feel nothing but unconditional love for my child. Maybe one day I’ll recognize enlightenment somewhere in this mess we call life.

For now, I’ll just hang onto my love for her. My love is not easily destroyed like the tenuous filament of a spider’s web. It’s not ephemeral like a dewdrop shed by the universe. No, it endures like the light of the summer sun, never gone for good even when it says goodnight.