Socks Start in Slidell, LouisianaGood Day, Gentle Readers! ‘Tis we, Stacy Lyn’s Traveling Socks. We know, we know. Stacy Lyn travels much less frequently now than she did in years past, but so what? We were dusted off and taken to Pensacola Beach of late, and we thought we would share this experience with you!

36 Clear Water

When Stacy Lyn was a child, her parents would often take her and her sisters to Pensacola Beach, Florida. Only about three hours from New Orleans, it was an easy destination, and one that became one of her favorite places on earth.

24 Striations of Color

After she met Norm, they, as college students on a shoestring budget, would take a weekend during the summer to spend on the beach with friends. The young don’t need a lot of money to enjoy living. They have youth. Only when youth absconds in the dead of night and one wakes to middle age does one even realize what it was to be young. (Or so we have been told. We are just a pair of socks, you know.)

17 Toes on the Beach

Middle age in full swing, and the only child of Stacy Lyn’s heart many states away, she realized that it was high time that she and Norm go back to Pensacola. They hadn’t been there in over a decade. Funny how life leads one hither and yon, but a piece of one’s heart remains in certain places forever. Pensacola is one of those places for dear Stacy Lyn.

23 Casino

So there they were, on the beach, youth many years in their past, the vicissitudes of life always somewhere in Stacy’s mind because she can never completely erase the passage of time. But not everything changes. In spite of the noise in her head, Stacy Lyn can be certain of a few things, we reminded her. The love of her life continues to walk through the years by her side. The girl of her heart will always be the girl of her heart. And a day on Pensacola Beach will always wash over and soothe her soul with every crashing wave.

28 Sunset

We would say that Stacy Lyn was able to enjoy the past and the present simultaneously. If you know Stacy Lyn, you know this is a magnificent accomplishment. We, her socks, remained in the hotel room throughout her stay. No worries, though. We understood that there really was no need for wool socks on the beach. One (or two) can’t have everything.

13 Norm on the Beach

Toodles, friends!