When I was a girl, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was one of my favorite books. Whenever the children stepped through the wardrobe, it was winter. Always winter, but never Christmas. Edmund lamented (I think it was Edmund) that winter without Christmas was so disappointing. I  would agree.

Though we do celebrate Christmas here, I have landed in a part of Louisiana that doesn’t observe Carnival. Edmund’s lamentation comes to mind every year about this time when the revelry has begun in South Louisiana. What good is it being from Louisiana if you don’t celebrate Carnival? Well, if you can’t go to Mardi Gras, bring it to you. That’s what I say!

This year I’m going to stew a pot of gumbo and enjoy it on the porch as I look at my beautifully garish Mardi Gras garland. If you find yourself needing a mid-winter boost, make a garland…. and a pot of gumbo, too!


Mardi Gras Garland

You will need:

3 rolls mesh…purple,  gold, and green
chenille sticks…purple,  gold, and green
floral wire
any other trinket you’d like to add

1. Unroll a length of wire and cut to desired length.


2. Place chenille sticks across the wire at desired intervals.

3. Unroll gold mesh over the wire. Gather to desired puffiness, and twist a chenille stick around mesh. There will be enough chenille left over to twist around the other colors.


4. Cut at the end, leaving enough mesh for a tail.

5. Repeat with purple and green. Have fun with it – alternate colors, twist together…. imagination is the limit!


6. Add trinkets…beads, baubles…anything Mardi Gras will do, cher!


Voilà! Laissez les bons temps rouler, cher!