February 2010

We Socks left Lomé for a few days, traveling east to the country of Benin. The town of Ouidah sits just a couple of hours east of the Togo-Benin border. We left the noise and pollution of the city for the quiet bogs of the Beninois coast.

We were welcomed to the town of Ouidah by this structure.

We turned down a sandy road to get to our bungalow on the beach. That’s not our bungalow, by the way. That’s a fisherman’s compound.

Women nearby carried their bread to market with children on their backs.

We made it to the beach where a paillot bar stood sentry.

We strolled down the sidewalk to our bungalow.

Stacy Lyn enjoyed the salty ocean breeze on the front porch. We enjoyed it with her.

Then she and Norm decided to walk on the windy beach.

Stacy Lyn looked at the ocean that separated her from all that she loved and wondered why.

Soon thereafter, the sun began its nightly descent…

on the Benin shores…

and the people headed home…

to wait for tomorrow.