Black Bayou – Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

I’m from South Louisiana. We do things differently down there – even differently from the rest of our state. For instance, we still pronounce the surname “Richard” like “REE-shard.” Many of us still speak French. We don’t have a southern accent.

But things in North Louisiana are different from things in South Louisiana, which is not a bad thing; it’s just a different thing. And besides, I like their differences.

Here are ten reasons why:

1. They speak with a southern accent! (Man, I wish I talked like that!)

2. They say things like “over yonder” for “over there” and “billfold” for “wallet”…

  • Mama: “I can’t find my billfold.”
  • Daddy: “I think I saw it over yonder.”

…and everything is a “big ol’ ” this or a “li’l ol’ ” that.

  • Mama: “Did you see that big ol’ snake in the back yard?”
  • Daddy: “Yeah, but it was nothing but a li’l ol’ garden snake.”

3. Pick-up trucks are the primary mode of transportation.

4. Men open doors for women (and pull out chairs, and help them doff their coats) – not as a sign of chauvinism, but as a sign of respect (and even adoration).

5. Young people offer their seats to the elderly.

6. No matter what their age, boys and girls, men and women still say “yes/no, ma’am” and “yes/no, sir” to their elders.

  • (Phone rings)
  • 50-year-old son: “Hello?”
  • His 75-year-old mother: “Y’all comin’ to the house for supper? Y’all said y’all were comin’ after church.”
  • 50-year old son: “Yes, ma’am. We’re fixin’ to leave right now.”

7. The biggest city is Shreveport with less than 200,000 inhabitants. And all around there are trees, fresh air, bayous, lakes, rivers – in other words, a person has lots of breathing room!

8. They make the best fried catfish EVER!

9. They say, “Bless her/his heart” in order to express sympathy.

  • “Donna Sue has been all over town with her mama, and she couldn’t find a single decent prom dress, bless her heart.”

10. And the main reason I love North Louisiana…My husband is from there. 🙂