September 2011

We Socks love to travel, of course, as we are a pair of Traveling Socks. However, in spite of our penchant for traveling, we do have a preference in where we go. Rather, not so much in where we go, but with whom we go.

Every other year, Stacy Lyn travels with the Bubbleheads. That’s sailor lingo for “submariners.” You see, at this stage in her life, she travels more to see people than to see places. Seeing the places is just a bonus, or “lagniappe” as we say in the Bayou State.

On this particular U.S.S. Sargo reunion, the Bubbleheads met and hung out together in Falls River, Massachussetts; Newport, Rhode Island; and Groton, Connecticut.

The most chilling thing we saw was…..Lizzie Borden’s house. You know, the one where she “didn’t” kill her parents.

Lizzie Borden House
We were frightened on the stoop while waiting to take the tour.

Lizzie Borden House (2)



These skull replicas exhibit how her parents’ were brutally killed with that axe. The handle to the axe was never found. We felt weird peeking into their lives like this.

Lizzie Borden House (3)

Photos taken in this era are always a little creepy, but these of Lizzie are even moreso, we believe, based on what happened to her father in that room.

Lizzie Borden (4)

Her stepmother was murdered in this second-story bedroom. The dress in the corner was worn by Elizabeth Montgomery in a television movie about Lizzie Borden.

Lizzie Borden House (5)

Here Stacy Lyn peeks up into the attic bedroom where the housekeeper lived. Though Lizzie’s 200-lb-plus stepmother hit the floor with a thud in the second-story bedroom, neither Lizzie nor the housekeeper heard a thing.

Lizzie Borden House (5)

The whole story sounded very fishy to us. If you found your father pummeled to death on the living room couch, wouldn’t your first reaction be to get out of the house?? Lizzie called out to the maid to see if she had heard anything.

We’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it.

Let’s move on to less disturbing memories!

We also visited the U.S.S. Nautilus museum with the Bubbleheads and saw a bully submarine, though we were not allowed to photograph the inside of it. And when we stood next to the guns on a battleship at Battlship Cove, we felt pretty puny. On our last night of the trip, we attended a clam bake; however, we did not eat any clams because #1) Socks don’t eat slimy things, and #2) Socks don’t eat. Stacy Lyn ate some lobster, though.

The long weekend passed altogether too quickly, as fun times always do. We won’t see most of our Bubblehead friends until the next reunion in 2013. Until then, we shall reminisce fondly.