Sometimes I get a hankering for a good-ol’ baked potato in the middle of summertime heat. A 400-degree oven for an hour during a Louisiana summer does not a happy kitchen make.

Ah! Have no fear, Gentle Readers – Baked Potato Salad to the rescue!

The name is deceptive because the potatoes are not baked, but steamed – but they taste baked based on all the good stuff we will throw into the mix.

Remember MawMaw’s rule of thumb: Use whatever you have on hand. I like Idaho baking potatoes, but if I have red or yellow potatoes in the pantry, I just use those. Don’t have bacon? Use imitation bacon or ham. You get the idea.

Yield: 8 generous servings (Why be stingy??)


  • 6 baking potatoes
  • 1/8 c butter (2 pats)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 c sour cream
  • 8 oz. cheddar cheese, grated
  • 2 T chives
  • 6 strips crispy bacon, crumbled
  • (Reserve a bit of cheese, bacon, and chives as a garnish.)

Wash, dice, and steam the potatoes until done (6-10 minutes).
Dump into a bowl.
Add the butter, salt, and pepper, and fold the potatoes until the butter is melted.

Add the sour cream and bacon; mix.

Add the cheese and chives; mix.

Garnish with cheese, bacon, and chives.
This makes a great summer side dish to boiled seafood, grilled steaks, broiled fish –  you name it!

Something you can do with leftovers: Add a little bit of milk and mash to make baked mashed potatoes.