January 2012

Stacy Lyn had been to Normandy before – back when she was a teacher and took some of her kids to France. (People used to say she was brave to take high schoolers overseas, but she always enjoyed traveling with them. Plus it was a good “plug” for her French program!)

This time she went with Norm. Their mission was to see Omaha Beach and the Colleville American Cemetery, and the resting place of FLt. Thomas Smith, a World War II hero.

They headed straight to Omaha Beach to see where the American liberators landed. A monument stood sentry in remembrance of what happened here: The Wings of Hope, Standing for Liberty, The Wings of Brotherhood.

This ground has been sanctified by the sacrifice that was made here.

Normandy (11)

Normandy (12)


After their visit to the beaches, Norm and Stacy Lyn stayed the night in beautiful Bayeux and chanced upon this serene river, hidden amidst all the man-made wonders. This is the cool thing about France – you stumble upon the most endearing places unexpectedly.

The following morning, they went to the Colleville-sur-Mer American Cemetery to pay their respects to FLt. Thomas Smith (we Socks told you his story here) and all of those braves who gave their lives for our freedom.

There he was – one of the unsung heroes of this war, resting comfortably near his fallen brethren. Stacy Lyn wanted to give him a hug, but of course, such is not possible. So she cradled the only tangible vestige the living have of him – his tombstone. We hope he was there in spirit and understands that the memory of him – and that of his comrades in arms – has not been obliterated by time.

Time takes its toll on all things, but it can never erase our gratitude.