August 2012

On this little jaunt, Stacy Lyn and Norm went southeast of Paris to the province of Alsace. Of course, we Traveling Socks were invited to come along, as always. What would a trip be without us?

We encounted a little surprise, though – a very nice surprise. As we wound down the roads, this way and that, we stumbled upon pretty little Jaulny, tucked away behind all the sunflowers.

We could not believe our good fortune when we found that they were having their annual Jaunelotte Festival – a festival in honor of little yellow mushrooms.

To be honest, Stacy Lyn does not care a-tall for mushrooms. However, because every dish at the festival included the vile weeds, Stacy Lyn had no choice but to eat them. She chose the least offensive dish – an omelette and French fries. Low and behold! This was the most delicious omelette Stacy Lyn had ever eaten in her life – all buttery and egghy!

Oh, the wonders you stumble upon in France when you’re not looking where you’re going!