Every year, I know that Norm is going to give me an anniversary present, even though I tell him I really don’t want anything. Of course, there is always something I’d like to have, any old gift, because surprises themselves are so delightful. But he knows he doesn’t have to get me anything. I have him.

But still, he surprises me with an anniversary present every year.

This year, this is what he gave me: a padlock.

Follow me – I’ll show you what we did with it.

Norm took me to the Bridge of Locks along the Seine (just across from the Tuileries Gardens). It’s where paramours go to lock their love. So many locks – how do we choose the right spot for ours?

We found the perfect place – right in the center of the bridge, in full view of Ile de la Cité. Then we closed the lock and threw the key into the Seine below.

Norm and I locked our hearts together decades ago, but still, he knew that there was, indeed, one thing that I wanted for our anniversary.

Yes, I would say that I married the right man.