August 2012

MawMaw once told Stacy Lyn that one of their ancestors was born in Alsace on a ship as it headed down the Rhine towards America.

Whether the family legend is true or not is of little importance. The people and what happens there make a place what it is.

So Stacy Lyn wanted to see Alsace, and she took us along, for what would a trip be without her Traveling Socks?

Metz was the goal this time, and oh! What a beautiful place! If we were to be born on a ship, Alsace would be the perfect place.


….and flower-covered bridges crossing placid little streams….

….and fountains in which to frolic!

We must not forget the churches – proud St. Etienne Cathedral….

….and demure St. Martin Church.

As dusk approached, when we thought our frolicking was through, we heard sounds of merriment in the distance. There was a summer festival taking place in the town square, complete with live music, fun food, and rivers of wine.

If we Socks were going to choose where to enter the world, we think that Alsace would not be a bad choice at all.