Come take a walk with me today, why don’t you? I want to show you where Norm and I wound up by accident.

It was a serendipitous happening when Norm and I stumbled upon Jimmie Davis Louisiana State Park tucked away on Caney Lake in north-central Louisiana.

I bet you’re wondering who Jimmie Davis was. He was a Louisiana governor who wrote “You Are My Sunshine.” You know that song, don’t you?

Norm drove down the winding road until we came to the picnic area and a long deck that led us to the beach. No matter in which direction I looked, no one was there. It was odd to see no humans anywhere. That doesn’t happen very often in my world. People, people everywhere, and not a chance to think. Usually, but not this day.

Well, there was one human nearby – Norm, my trusty sidekick. I could never go anywhere without him – not comfortably anyway.

If this were summer, the beach would be full of people. Kind of looks lonely with no one to frolic upon the sand. I know this sentiment contradicts my previous statement, but I am a walking contradiction. My thoughts are always everywhere at once.

It’s autumn. The melancholy season. Children are in school. Adults are at work. No one has time to mosey on down to the lake to fish or swim or water ski.

Those dreams must wait for a quieter time. A quieter time to make noise on the lake in the presence of others.

Until then the fish will stay hidden in their underwater haven. Maybe they will chance upon a lonely frog up there on the water lilies.

Maybe they won’t.

Either way, it was a quiet day on Caney Lake. Not quiet enough to arrest my thoughts completely, but quiet enough to be in the moment, if only for a moment.