Spoons (3)

Old spoon beware–
Care has been forgotten!
A lifetime 
doesn’t last a lifetime–
Thrown from the hood of a car,
Retrieved days later
All squashed and mangled.
Dropped down a garbage disposal–
Crushed, sliced, and diced
Like the day’s refuse.
Misused and abused, oh yes!
But never–not even once–discarded!

Spoons (4)

New spoon, new spoon,
The wife loves you, new spoon!
Today you shine like the newlywed
She was those decades ago.
Now she’s grey and tarnished
And stained and scratched
Just like her old spoon.
You will be, too, one day, new spoon.
Your burnish will fade; your pretty all gone.
She’ll keep you nonetheless, oh yes!
Too many memories do spoons hold!