Though the calendar says that it’s almost spring, this winter soul just cannot let go of winter. It’s neither time to take down the winter wreath, nor to bring in the porch table centerpiece. Not yet.

Winter Wonders (5)Winter Wonders (4)

You see, winter is the season of camellias, and they are in full bloom on Dream Tree Bayou.

Camelias (2)Camelias (9)

I took a little walk around to gather a few of the beauties who surrounded me. I don’t know the names of all of the varieties on the property, but the builder of the house was a forester and his wife was a horticulturalist. They included almost one of everything, it seems.

Camelias (7)Camelias (3)

Perhaps they knew that one day this would be my house, and that no one feels more at home among the trees than I.

Camelias (5) Camelias (8)

So I’ll not say goodbye to winter quite yet. I’ll just bring a bit of winter cheer indoors and cherish it a while longer.

Winter Wonders