When you pick up and move across continents, you’d think that bonds would be stretched to the breaking point. But bonds between friends only strengthen, especially when tied with a skein or two (or ten) of yarn.

Heidi called a few weeks ago and said, “Let’s knit the same thing for each other so that we can feel like we’re knitting together.”

Stacy answered, “Well, that sounds fun, but you’ll get the raw end of that deal because my knitting stinks.”

Of course, Heidi disagreed with my assessment of my own knitting skills, but that is what friends do – they build up your confidence while encouraging you to improve. She sent me the supplies because in my tiny town, there is no store that deals in quality yarn. Heidi does not knit with cheap yarn.Knitting Box (3)

Opening the box was like opening a Christmas present. Heidi is the best gift-giver – she always adds lagniappe (“a little something extra” in Louisiana vernacular). First I found this sign: Happy. Yes, that is what Heidi wants for me, and I accepted it without reservation. Happiness comes at a premium, but it flows freely when I’m with Heidi, or with a box of goodies that comes from Heidi. Knitting Box (4)

These spring pastels are the colors she chose for our project. She left very specific instructions: 1) You must smile while knitting. 2) You must not worry while knitting. 3) You must be happy while knitting.

I think I can handle that. Knitting Box (5)

She even packed some knitting candy. Sugar. Yes, I can handle that as well.Knitting Box

Heidi chose a series of patterns for precious dress-shaped washcloths. I worked furiously to finish the project before Easter. (I’m such a slow knitter!)  Knitting with Heidi – though removed from one another by time and space – made me happy, and I was sure to knit some of that happiness into the dress cloths to share with her. Knit Dress ClothsNo, bonds of friendship do not break so easily. Especially when they are knitted with yarns of varying hues.