I opened the door yesterday. Actually, Norm opened the door for me. He’s a gentleman that way. He took me fishing – operative word here is me. Usually, he goes fishing while I knit or read. This time he baited my fishing pole, too (known as a rod and reel to genuine anglers, one of which I am not).

Angling (3)

I got the hang of casting pretty quickly, which was surprising because I had not been fishing since we lived on Sundown Bayou years ago. Even then I only fished with a cane pole.

The best part of this fishing trip on our little cove was the wildlife beneath me. A mama and baby turtle looked at first glance like snakes until I noticed that they weren’t swimming. They just remained in one spot treading water as turtles are wont to do.

Moments later a real snake swam by nonchalantly (I won’t be swimming in this bayou, no siree – city girls and snakes don’t mix!) then he just slipped below the surface and disappeared. Creepy!


Mallards and a couple of ornery Canadian geese paddled around on the surface of the water, but refused to get too close to the human ilk. These poules d’eau were kind enough to stay around long enough to have their portraits taken.Poules d'eau

Norm caught this delicious bass, but I came home empty-handed. This bothered me not. I just wanted to be on the water – the murky, snakey, fishy water – where taking a break from myself was pleasantly effortless.Angling (2)