Baton Rouge LA
Like the current of the Mighty Mississippi,
Can never be stolen.
They just keep on rolling,
Even when you say nothing.

Baton Rouge LA (4)
Words –
Once uttered, once written –
Can be purloined.
But thoughts keep rolling along,
Refuse to be forgotten.

Baton Rouge LA (2)
Even as they drift in pain,
Never tire of living.
Even as they fight the tide,
Inch closer to dying.

Baton Rouge LA (5)
Bow your head and say a prayer
‘Cause thoughts just keep on rolling,
And like the Mighty Mississippi
Will be here evermore.

Baton Rouge LA (7)
Keep me here on the Mississippi
Where she’ll cradle my thoughts
Till the day comes to die
And cross over the River Jordan.

Baton Rouge LA (3)

©2013 Stacy Allbritton

Vantage of the  Mississippi from Baton Rouge, Louisiana