It seems eerie that my last post was about the devastation of Katrina, and today I write about the souls who are suffering in Oklahoma.


I never thought I would write about the loss my city faced after Katrina. Not publicly anyway. Old wounds have turned to scar tissue, and it is not a subject I like to visit. Healing has taken place with the passage of time, of course, but cicatrices remain, and always will.

Katrina (2)

Flooding and devastation are not foreign to New Orleanians – the city has battled Mother Nature since its founding in 1718 – being flattened in its infancy in 1721 and again in 1722, and more times after that than we care to count.

Katrina (3)

But this post is about Oklahoma – and the cities that have been victimized my Mother Nature more than once as well.

Katrina (4)

It’s hard to think past what has happened, and how you will go on, when something of this magnitude happens to you and those you love. Healing is hard to fathom when there is so much pain surrounding you. You can’t ask your neighbors to help because they, too, need help. Or perhaps they’re not even there anymore.

Southern Magnolia

There is one thing – and one thing only – that I can promise you: You will laugh again.

Front Door after Rebuildiing

Maybe it won’t be for weeks, or months, perhaps even years. It could be a fleeting moment in time, gone in only seconds, but have patience. Just let it happen when it will. That’s all anyone can ever do anyway.

Blues Festival Slidell LA

Call 1-800-red cross to help.