I’ve been busy working outside, lately. It’s called “work,” but I consider it more playtime than anything else. I prefer to hang out with the birds (saw a red-tailed hawk poking around this morning), squirrels, and other hidden wildlife. And the trees, too, of course. They don’t talk so I get to think.

Water Reflection (2)

While my mind was meandering, a nursery rhyme kept reappearing in my head, try as I might to shoo it away.

One, two
Buckle Slip on my shoe.

Yard Work

Three, four,
Shut the door.

Yard Work (4)

Five, six,
Pick up sticks.

Yard Work (2)

Seven, eight,
Lay them straight.

Yard Work (3)

Nine, ten,
Big fat hen  Do it all again.

Water Reflection

Ahhhh. Summer.

♥ Stacy