Helios was not to be outdone by the rain this evening. No, he shone in all his glory in spite of the clouds who tried their best to douse his brilliance.

Rainy Evening (5)

“The devil is beating his wife because she put too much salt in his soup.” That’s what Mama used to say when it rained while the sun was out.

Rainy Evening (2)I risked the ire of Beelzebub himself to play in the puddles that formed on the lawn.

Rainy Evening (8)

I’m not the barefoot type, but the coolness of the wet earth proved too much temptation for my country heart to resist.

Rainy Evening (9)

Run! Run!

Rainy Evening

And run some more before the sun slips away and takes the golden day with it.

Rainy Evening (6)

“Nothing gold can stay.” ~Robert Frost

Rainy Evening (7)