September 2013 – Port Orchard, Washington

We (Stacy Lyn’s Traveling Socks) are going to let y’all in on a little secret. Stacy Lyn watches Hallmark movies. All of them. We believe this penchant had its inception during her childhood in the sad little city of New Orleans – when she used to read to escape urban life. She read voraciously, but only stories with happy things about people who lived in the country. People like Laura Ingalls and Anne Shirley. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Tom Sawyer. This is why she became a writer, too – her love of happy endings, even if she herself does not believe in them.

Port Orchard (2)

Happy. No ending necessary.

So, when Stacy Lyn packed us for a trip to the Puget Sound, she could not pass up the opportunity to visit tiny little Port Orchard – the seaside village that is the inspiration for the series Cedar Cove.

Here she could believe in that elusive happy ending.



What girl wouldn’t take that leap when surrounded by her knight; her dear friends; and the water of the Puget Sound, ebbing and flowing harmoniously regardless of humankind?