This year, I found some pretty baskets at a flea market and figured they would be nice Easter additions.

Easter Basket

The problem was their color. Turquoise blue.

I don’t do turquoise. Too in-your-face. Too look-at-me. Too too.

Have no fear – paint can here. This pale green is more in line with my colors. (Yes, I painted the terra cotta pots – and a bunch of other stuff, too.)

Easter Basket (2)

After the paint dried on the baskets, I lined them with plastic grocery bags and filled them with Spanish moss to make them look more like Louisiana. Added a few other handmade touches and voilà – Easter, Louisiana style.

Louisiana Easter Basket (3)

 If Spanish moss doesn’t grow in your area, use what does! It’s a simple way to make Easter seem more like home, wherever home is to you.