My house will be full on Easter Sunday for the first time in years, and I was looking for something different to give as a favor to my guests. My friend Bonnie shared this really cute idea for a new twist on the classic Easter egg. They’re easy to make and you probably already have the supplies in your house.

Kitchy Easter Eggs (4)

(*Words of caution: Balloons are a choking hazard to children, so I would not do this craft with children who still put things in their mouths.)

You will need:

scrap yarn (about 6 yards for each egg)
wax paper
plastic plate
glue (about 8 oz. for a dozen eggs)

Kitchy Easter Eggs

  • Gather your supplies.
  • Insert a couple of pieces of candy into each balloon.
  • Blow up the balloons to the size of a large egg and tie.
  • Separate yarn into piles – one for each egg. This will keep yarn from getting tangled.

Now you’re ready to get messy.

Kitchy Easter Eggs (2)

  • Put one pile of yarn onto a plastic plate.
  • Pour a little bit of glue onto the yarn.
  • Coat the yarn with glue.
  • Wrap the yarn around a balloon. Cover it amply so that the candy will not fall out of the openings. Wrap in a pattern or wrap willy-nilly – whatever strikes your fancy.
  • Rinse and dry your hands after coating each balloon — this will prevent you from sticking to the next ball of yarn.
  • Repeat until each egg is covered.
  • Allow to dry on wax paper. Once one side is dry, turn the egg to dry the second side. It took one day per side for the eggs to dry in humid Louisiana.

Kitchy Easter Eggs (3)

  • Once the eggs are dry, pop the balloons. You may have to poke them in a few places. In some cases, the balloon will shrink and peel away from the egg. In other cases, you may have to help it along by poking it.
  • Remove the balloon from the egg. (You may need to use tweezers or chop sticks for this.)

Kitchy Easter Eggs (4)

You can hide these for an Easter egg hunt or hang them with a ribbon on trees outside. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll decorate with them, but I will be sure to share my day with you.

Have a happy Easter, my friends! ~Stacy