July 2014

Ah, South Dakota! Stacy Lyn fell in love with the place on her recent road trip with Norm and us, her trusty Traveling Socks.

Eastern South Dakota (4)

Why South Dakota, you may ask?

Eastern South Dakota (2)

Friends, of course! Isn’t the best reason to travel to visit with loved ones?

Brookings SD (5)

And friends Steve and Kristi live on forty acres of farmland next to – what else? – more acres and acres of farmland! How lucky they are! (Stacy Lyn found it to be quite chilly for July, Southern gal that she is.)

Brookings SD (8)

Time, that dastardly rogue, swept in, and before she knew it, Stacy Lyn had to say goodbye to Kristi and Steve (but they promise to visit Louisiana before too long).

The duo headed due west on a hazy morning and ran smack into the Badlands.

Badlands (2)

They reminded Stacy Lyn of the Painted Desert because of the striations in the earth, and the desolate, lonesome feel of the place.

Badlands National Park

But this place is anything but lonesome and desolate. Stacy Lyn felt fullly alive here, surrounded by other beings who hid in plain view. She imagined how at peace humans must have felt here when unfettered by the shackles of industrialized society. She felt it, too.

Badlands National Park (2)

After saying goodbye to this magnificent spot of earth, Stacy Lyn and Norm moved further westward and stopped in the world-famous city of Wall (famous for Wall Drug Store’s free water, which used to be a big deal, apparently).

Norm and Stacy Lyn forewent the free water and opted instead to lunch at a diner and purchase genuine Black Hills gold flakes at the gold dealership. You can get a few flakes for eight dollars! Imagine such a deal!

Wall and Sturgis, SD

When they arrived in Sturgis at twilight, they dined at the One-Eyed Jack Saloon where Stacy Lyn was almost mauled by a bear. Lucky for her she was wearing her Traveling Socks. Some people say we run with the speed of Achilles, you know.

Next time I will tell you about all the Black Hills splendors outside of Sturgis and how Stacy Lyn fell in love with the Black Hills.

See y’all next time!