A stumbled upon this treasure while in Honolulu – a Reserve Starbucks cafe. I didn’t even know they existed. I picked the barista’s brain about it, and he was very patient with all my questions.

A Reserve coffee is a single plantation coffee; in other words, all of the beans come from the same grower and are not blended with those of other plantations. It really makes for a very special cup of coffee. I bought a couple of pounds of the Malawai beans, and I savored every smooth, earthy sip. (Yes, all gone, but no regrets!)

Starbucks Reserve Honolulu

The Honolulu Reserve Starbucks cafe was a beautiful experience the moment I walked in the door. The walls were covered in blonde wood, and behind the bar was a reverse-relief of the Hawaiian Islands. Plants grew from columns and a preponderance of copper gave the cafe a rustic sophistication.

If you ever find yourself in a place with a Reserve Starbucks, do take a peek inside. You will be warmly welcomed and richly served.