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Jillian asked me to make this stocking for Granddaughter because when she (Jillian) was a girl, one of our holiday traditions was to go to the Nutcracker Ballet. The Sugar Plum Fairy was my little ballerina’s favorite character- the one she dreamed of portraying. But this became the neverending project. I had visions of sugarplums when Granddaughter was born, and a little girl to whom I preferred to give my time stole my heart. Ergo, her cross-stitch stocking took until today to finish. A long wait for her (unbeknownst to her) and my daughter (who was very patient).

It has a couple of mistakes (I hope they don’t notice), but Granddaughter helped me make it when I had a moment during the day, so what are mistakes but heartwarming memories when compared to delightful moments spent teaching the most precious child? After all, when we weren’t crafting together, I was relegated to stitching alone by candlelight into the wee hours. Ok, that last statement was hyperbole, but very poetic, wouldn’t you agree?

Following are the particulars, for those interested in tackling such an endeavor.

Sugar Plum Fairy Cross Stitch Pattern by Shannon Wasilieff http://www.shannonchristine.com

14 count cloth

DMC colors – 209, 211, 300, 301, 327, 718, 818, 838, 915, 951, 961, 3326, 3609, 3770, 3776, 5200; braid 002

Beads – MHILL 02011, 02025, 02018

1/4 yard felt for lining and back

Note: I substituted some of the colors because I preferred traditional green to purple.

Now we sit and wait for the day after Thanksgiving when we hang the stockings by the chimney with care.