Whoever thought up the idea that a tree needs a skirt? Does that mean that Christmas trees are girly girls? No matter. Christmas is my favorite time of year, always has been. For one month out of the year I get to pretend that the world is a kind and gentle place. Or maybe it is during that month.

For the other eleven months, a girl can look forward to Yuletime and prepare for it, right? That’s not weird, is it? (Not when the girl knits with the pace of a snail, it isn’t.)

Christmas Tree Skirt

This is the first time I used blocking wires, and boy, I tell you, did they ever save me time and aggravation. I just measured the angles, pinned, and voilà – no fuss blocking. A day later, the pieces of this puzzle fit perfectly.

Star Points Christmas Tree Skirt

The pattern is Star Points Tree Skirt by Kristen Omdahl. I found it in the Knit 123 magazine. (You can find all of the particulars on my Ravelry page.)

Here’s the thing, friends. I don’t knit to escape (as some have claimed on occasion – I suppose because it is by-and-large a solitary, silent activity). I knit because creation brings me joy, and joy is such a fleeting emotion. Who could begrudge another a moment of joy – whether it’s knitting, or dreaming of Christmas, or – whatever?