The birds have been making quite a racket outside of late. Maybe they feel that it’s time to get the house in order for spring.

If I allow my mind to wander without being held hostage by my thoughts, I can feel like the birds this time of year – joyful. Not hopeful, because sometimes I think that hope leads to disappointment. I don’t need hope. I need joy. Not later joy. Now joy.

That’s what spring is – now joy.

And what better way to experience now joy than with a little bit of spring green inside the house?

I took down my winter wreath (finally) and hung in its place this cheerful one with many shades of green. It’s been in storage and this is the first light of day it has seen in four years. Ahhhhh!

Touch of Spring (5)

Jillian painted a red-winged blackbird on this darling little birdhouse and gave it to me for Mother’s Day one year. My child is such a thoughtful daughter – she knows well (and cares) what this bird represents to me. The birdhouse is one of the few things that I still have from Jillian’s childhood. (Again, the ghost of Katrina still lingers.) I placed it on the china cabinet to color an otherwise brown room. I can hear him singing now….and suddenly I’m a child, playing with my sisters in the swampy muck of MawMaw’s yard.

Touch of Spring (3)

I found these tapers for seventy-five cents apiece. They sit very nicely next to my leprechaun and spring garland on the mantelpiece.

Touch of Spring

I cannot neglect to tell you about these treasures. I found them at a vintage shop nearby – a hand embroidered dish towel and a Royal Doulton porcelain mouse. Cost for both: $6.00.

The towel will hang from my oven door, but I’m not sure where the mouse will find its home. Any suggestions?

Touch of Spring (2)

Of course, you know that there was no Changing of the Mugs last fall. My stuff was floating on the ocean somewhere, so I had to borrow a pumpkin mug from Jillian to get my autumn decoration fix.

Now all of my possessions have found their proper place in my home. And during spring, my green Starbucks mugs will be on display in the kitchen.

Touch of Spring (4)

Is all of this seasonal decorating silly? Maybe. There is a lot of strife in the world, and no one is a stranger to it. As for me, I need green this time of year to get me some now joy.

What do you find uplifting about spring?